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Trustee Services and Asset Management

Trustee Services and Asset Management

Do you control your assets?  Or do they control you?  Are you exercising good stewardship over what God has entrusted to you?  Do you feel comfortable with management and investment issues?  Do you have questions?  Do you need a financial services partner?  Take a look at Covenant Trust Company®.

Trustee Services

Covenant Trust Company provides professional trustee services for revocable living trusts, Individual Retirement Accounts [IRA], and various other types of irrevocable charitable trusts.  Several factors make Covenant Trust Company stand out from other trust companies.  [read more]

Asset Management

Covenant Trust Company provides professional asset management services to individuals and covenant ministries.  We strive to provide all clients with high quality investment management services, and seek to produce positive long-term investment results.  We are generally conservative in our approach, and are committed to high quality investments for the portfolios we manage.  [read more]

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