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"The economic unrest of recent times has been a test of faith for many.  By using both Biblical principles and the tools of financial planning, it has been an opportunity to grow in faith and work toward greater peace of mind.  I have experienced personal growth as I have worked with others to help them navigate this sea of economic uncertainty.  Taking the long term perspective has made it easier to deal with the present situation, as well as plan to leave a legacy to enhance the future work of the Kingdom."

Terry Almquist

Terry Almquist
Financial Services Representative
Covenant Village of the Great Lakes
Lower Michigan 

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Thank you for your interest in Covenant Trust Company. If you would like to discuss our services with us, ask any questions, or would like to request more information, we would be happy to speak with you.

We have a Financial Service Representatives in every conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church; to reach us, you can call the FSR in your conference, or call the corporate office at (800)483-2177.

All 800, 866, and 877 telephone numbers are toll-free. Click on the names to send an email.

Financial Service Representatives
Allison, Steve [ChFC] 877-768-1766 Northwest Conference
Minnesota, Covenant Village of Golden Valley, Wisconsin [W], North and South Dakota
Almquist,Terrance [ChFC] 877-768-1760 Great Lakes Conference
Covenant Village--Great Lakes [Grand Rapids MI]
Lower Michigan
Crawford, Michelle 877-768-1761 The Holmstad [Batavia IL]
Windsor Park [Carol Stream IL]
Heintzelman, Peter 800-483-2177 Central Conference
Illinois/Indiana/Wisconsin [E]/Upper Michigan
North Park University
Covenant Village of Nothbrook
Great Lakes Conference
Ohio/Pennsylvania [W]/New York [W]
Southeast Conference
Alabama/Florida/Georgia/Mississippi/North & South Carolina
Hickman, William 877-768-1762 Pacific Northwest Conference and Alaska
Covenant Shores
Holdeman, Lavern [CFP]  877-768-1763 Midwest Conference
Midsouth Conference
Arkansas/New Mexico/Oklahoma/Texas
Lindberg, William 877-875-5335 Pacific Southwest Conference
California [Santa Barbara area], The Samarkand
Melgren, Dan 847-583-3262 Midwest Conference
Covenant Place of Lenexa[KS]/IA/KS/MO/NE
Midsouth Conference
Miericke, Kurt 877-768-1765 Covenant Village of Florida [Plantation FL]
Mitchell, Todd 844-616-3388 Midwest Conference
Covenant Village of Colorado
Palmberg, Karen  866-779-2377 Pacific Southwest Conference
California [Bay Area and North]/Nevada
Covenant Village of Turlock
Prater, Ingrid 877-727-5270 Pacific Southwest Conference
California [South of Bay Area]/Arizona
Mount Miguel Covenant Village
Turner, Roger  877-768-1764 East Coast Conference
Connecticut/Maine/Massachusetts/New Hampshire/New Jersey/New York [E]  
Pennsylvania [E]/Rhode Island
Covenant Village of Cromwell
Corporate Office (call 800-483-2177 to reach any team member not listed here)
D'Alessandro, Sharon [CFP, CTFA] 847-583-3246 Vice President, Trust Administration
Harriff, Carole 847-583-3233 Marketing Communications
Gomez, AJ 847-583-3240 Assistant Trust/IRA Administrator
Johnson, Eric 847-583-3244 Vice President, Chief Operating Officer
Johnson, Gary 847-583-3245 Portfolio Manager
Jozefiak, Michael 847-583-3241 Trust Administrator
Magnusson, Michael 847-583-3252 Vice President, Operations
Moucka, William 847-583-3257 Vice President, Investments & Business Development
Peterson, Christine [CISP] 847-583-3242 IRA Administrator
Sheehan, Emma 847-583-3232 Vice President, Operations
Sjoblom, Joanna 847-583-3247 Senior Trust Administrator
Wiesbrock, Ann [CFP] 847-583-3230 President
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