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"Our long-time tax preparer recently mentioned that of all the forms he sees from various trust companies, he considers Covenant Trust Company's records to be the best for a number of reasons."

Luther M. Englund
Turlock, CA
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Revocable Living Trusts


A revocable living trust has advantages for both now and the future, including:

  • Relief from the concerns of asset management

  • Protection for you and your family in case you become disabled or incapacitated and can’t handle financial issues

  • Security for your spouse after your death with continuing income and asset management if you desire

  • Assurance that your family and charities you support will benefit from your legacy plan

  • Peace of mind that your plans are in order

A revocable living trust is:
  • revocable—you can revoke (cancel) it if you wish
  • amendable—you can change its provisions
  • living—it takes effect and benefits you during your lifetime
  • flexible—it is written and managed to meet your personal needs and objectives
Establishing a trust is only the first step. If the trust is not fully funded and properly administered, it does not fulfill its role in your financial plans. Covenant Trust Company® provides professional trustee services and asset management for more than 700 revocable living trusts. Our trained staff is there to help during the entire life of your revocable living trust—from inception through funding, investment and administration, all the way to final distribution.

For trusts designating 25% or more to Covenant ministries, Covenant Trust Company will discount the fee by a percentage equal to the designated Covenant charitable portion, up to a maximum of 50%.[read more about possible costs associated with revocable living trusts]

Do you think a revocable living trust could be right for you? Do you have some specific questions? Contact your local Financial Services Representative to talk about it with no obligation. [view Directory]

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