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Our Investment Strategy

Covenant Trust Company® maintains a generally conservative, disciplined and balanced investment approach.

  • Our investment approach is strategic rather than tactical. Our strategies are designed to be successful over time periods sufficient to encompass various market conditions. For most of our clients, investment time horizon is measured in terms of years, not weeks or months.

  • Asset allocation is the framework of our investment approach. Asset allocations are set initially and maintained long-term, usually with only gradual adjustments over time. We do not shift our allocation targets based on short-term movements in markets. We do not attempt to time the markets or pick stocks.

  • Rebalancing is a core feature of our investment process. This is an important means of controlling the overall risk profile of portfolios. It also enables the capture of additional return by essentially buying low and selling high.

  • Diversification is a top priority. Our core mutual funds are highly diversified in terms of distribution over market segments, industries and individual securities issuers.

  • We maintain rigorous asset quality standards. The same asset quality standards that have been in place up to this time remain in place for all our core holdings, resulting in high quality portfolios.

Significant resources are focused in the area of investment management. In addition, Covenant Trust Company makes every effort to integrate the investment management process with the other areas of trust management and legacy planning in order to provide a comprehensive package of services to its clients. For more information on our investment strategy and services, please contact us.

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