"My husband managed our investments before we set up our trust with Covenant Trust.  He made decisions about where to invest.  I didn't understand finances, so my husband did it all.  When he began to fail, Covenant Trust Company helped us pull it all together.  My husband died three years ago; but CTC managed the changeover of assets and IRAs.  Covenant Trust answers all my questions, sends me quarterly reports and everything I need for my accountant at tax time.  Peace of mind is mine!"

Bernice J. Dye 
Mercer Island, WA 
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Investment Management Services

Manage Your Money

Covenant Trust Company® offers professional investment management services for several types of accounts. We have a disciplined investment philosophy based on an asset allocation appropriate to individual circumstances and risk tolerance; and seek to produce positive long-term investment results. We are generally conservative in our approach, and committed to high quality investments for the portfolios we manage. [read more about Covenant Trust Company’s investment strategy]

Covenant Trust Company offers these investment-related services:

Are we the right fit for you? Would you like to explore the possibilities?  Your local Financial Services Representative will be happy to talk to you. [view Directory]

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