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Investment Management Accounts

During the recent economic downturn, many individual investors made decisions based on reacting to current circumstances rather than a long-term strategy. The overall market lost a significant percentage of its value during the worst part of the crisis.

Covenant Trust Company® provides professional asset management through Investment Management Accounts. Our disciplined strategy relies on maintaining appropriate portfolio allocation over the long-term, an approach that mitigated the effects of the economic crises resulting in managed portfolios with an average decline of less than the general market.

Who may be interested in this service?

  • Individuals who want professional asset management for funds under their control. This includes those who serve as trustee for personal or family trusts.

  • Ministry leaders with responsibility for monies received from bequests or other reserve funds.

Trying to do it yourself may raise several concerns:

  • Unintended adverse consequences due to inexperience in investment management or decision-making based on emotion

  • Loss of purchasing power of the assets during inflationary periods because of highly conservative investment policies

  • Loss of the principal of the assets due to inappropriate asset allocation decisions and/or inappropriate investment selections

  • Inadequate bookkeeping and/or control of funds.

If an Investment Management Account sounds attractive to you, contact your local Financial Services Representative to learn more [view Directory] or request more information through our contact page.

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