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Endowment Services

Just as we encourage individuals to be good stewards of what is entrusted to them, ministries must also make wise use of their resources, especially those which come from gifts or legacy plans. Endowment funds evidence the commitment of your ministry to the future. Because only a specified percentage of the income is paid out each year, the fund can grow and flourish far into the future, supporting your ministry for years to come.

An endowment is not intended to replace annual giving by members, but to be an additional way to give. Many endowment gifts in fact, come from donors' estates or trusts. As a permanent fund established to benefit a mission or ministry, an endowment becomes a perpetual source of funding for its defined purpose. 

What purpose might your ministry define for your endowment fund(s)?
  • Capital improvements and expansion

  • New ministries, programs or positions

  • Scholarships for camping or youth trips

  • Missionary support

  • Funding for a ministry food pantry, day-care or other program that benefits the community.

An endowment can be started with any amount of money. It invests the principal, and spends only a defined portion of the earnings. The rest of the earnings are directed back into this fund so the endowment grows over time.

You will need an independent investment manager for your endowment fund. Covenant Trust Company can partner with you on this endeavor.

  • Our values are in line with those of your ministry, and our goal is to see your ministry grow.

  • As a fiduciary, it is our obligation to put your best interests ahead of our own.

  • We are a disciplined and prudent asset manager, focused on long-term growth.

  • Our comprehensive portfolio enables us to maximize return while reducing risk.

  • We develop a specific plan for your account, based on your goals and objectives.

  • CTC currently manages over $550 million in assets for ministries and individuals.
For more information, please read our brochure:'s all about the future. You can also contact us to request an endowment packet or to talk about the benefits an endowment fund could give your ministry. [view Directory]
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