“I wish to thank everyone associated with Covenant Trust Company for honoring my cousin’s dignity, wishes and trust for these many years with solid, practical financial guidance, especially with the ups and downs of the recent markets.”

[name withheld by request]

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Asset Management

Covenant Trust Company® provides professional asset management services to individuals and Covenant ministries. We are prudent in our investment approach and seek to produce positive, long-term results at a risk level appropriate to our clients' objectives.

We maintain a disciplined investment philosophy based on an asset allocation appropriate to individual circumstances and risk tolerance. We invest strategically and do not attempt to time the market or pick stocks. This approach minimizes the ups and downs of market volatility and has achieved generally favorable long-term results for our clients.

Covenant Trust Company offers:

Help with asset management questions or concerns is just a phone call away. [view Directory] Or, visit our info page to request more information.

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