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Having the Conversation

"The last time I saw Mom and Dad, Mom's health was really going downhill.  Do you think they're making plans for what comes next?"  "My parents are getting older and I don't know what decisions will need to be made or how to help them prepare.  How do I start?" 

Do you need to have these conversations everybody's talking about but nobody wants to have?  They're hard talks to have with aging parents.  If you and your family are asking these questions, you are not alone.  Where can you get some help?  Covenant Retirement Communities, a partner ministry of Covenant Trust Company, sponsors a website called
"Having the Conversation:  A Heart to Heart with Aging Parents."  This site was developed because so many families are facing the same issues.  The information on the website is offered with appreciation for the great difficulty families have with these types of conversations.  The goal is to offer practical resources and tips that will help you convey respect for the decisions of aging family members while addressing the fears and guilt that younger family members can often experience.

The site has both videos and printable information on topics such as:

  • How Best to Get Started
  • Potential Topics of Conversation
    • Personal Home and Health Care
    • Transportation
    • General Services
    • Housing and Living Environment
    • Social Networking
    • Financial and Legal*
  • Is Staying in the House the Right Idea?
  • When is it Time to Give up the Car?
  • What if your Parents Say 'No'?
*'Financial and Legal' is one area where Covenant Trust Company may be able to help.  The trustee services and asset management resources we offer may fit right in with your parents' financial planning needs in managing their assets; or into yours as you seek to provide for those you love.

Contact our office or your local Financial Services Representative [view Directory] for more information or to make an appointment.

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