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Life Planning and Legacy Planning

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Covenant Trust Company® is a great resource for information and assistance with planning concerns.

Legacy planning is future-oriented.  Life planning deals with what may happen along the way.  The key word common to both is planning.  Life and legacy are intertwined because planning for one nearly always affects planning for the other.

Legacy planning deals with what you leave or pass down to those who follow.  It has to do with both your values and your valuables.  Building your legacy is a life work.  It takes careful thought and diligent planning, and is a work-in-progress from start to finish.  [read more]

you are at the heart of your legacy, it's important to plan for your present as well as your future.  This is where life planning comes in.  The road to a secure financial future is a long journey; you don't get from here to there overnight.  Things to think about include where you're going, where you're starting from, how many people are going on the trip, what route you want to take, what you want to see along the way, and what you want to do when you get there.  You need to consider short-term, mid-term and long-term needs; and make plans that take unexpected detours or contingencies into account.  Each life stage has its own unique planning concerns, and Covenant Trust Company can help you work through them.  [read more]


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