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“Just as we can continue giving to the people we love after we’re gone, we can keep giving to the work of Christ.  We too often overlook this aspect of stewardship, but it’s that simple—and that important.”

Glenn R. Palmberg
President [1998-2008]
Evangelical Covenant Church


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Legacy Planning and Stewardship

Legacy Planning Stewardship

Both current and legacy charitable gifts are part of our stewardship of what God has entrusted to us.  Our current gifts to ministries we love help maintain their daily operations, but may not have much impact on the future. 

Even if we cannot afford large gifts during lifetime, a legacy gift from our estate can be significant.  These gifts can continue our involvement with ministry long after current gifts have ceased, and can fund special projects or programs that may be close to our hearts. 

A good legacy plan includes:

YOU…thoughtful planning helps you identify and achieve your personal financial goals and objectives, plus giving you peace of mind.

YOUR FAMILY…a financial and estate plan that is fully developed and kept current enables you to provide for your family in case of disability or death.

YOUR CHARITABLE DREAM…your vision for the Covenant ministries you care about, and how you might help ensure their future.

Covenant Trust Company

  • Assists as you focus on legacy-building goals for your lifetime and for the future benefit of your family, friends and designated Covenant ministries
  • Suggests available options to achieve the goals you identify, and help put plans into action
  • Brings a total stewardship perspective to legacy planning

Who can use our services?  Anyone with a desire to participate in the work of Covenant ministries through a bequest or other charitable gift planning arrangement and who needs help working through financial planning for the future, regardless of age or net worth. Contact your local Covenant Trust Company Financial Services Representative to get started.  [view Directory]

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