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Covenant Endowment Trust

The Covenant Endowment Trust was established to accept gifts of cash or appreciated assets into individual Endowment Accounts earmarked for the Covenant ministry of your choice. When the Endowment Trust account is established, the donor can designate what the gift should be used for as part of the formal agreement. Accounts maintain the principal and make a 5% payout to the ministry each year.  

Individuals can use the Covenant Endowment Trust in two ways. A gift can be made immediately and the ministry will begin receiving income in the current year. The principal would remain in the Covenant Endowment Trust account in perpetuity unless the donor specifies that the principal be paid out after a term of years.

Individuals can also name the Covenant Endowment Trust to receive a bequest from a will or trust. The account is established after death, and the ministry receives income each year thereafter.

Donors like the Covenant Endowment Trust because:
  • It provides regular income to their chosen ministry beyond their lifetime
  • They know the funds will be wisely invested
  • Each payout to the ministry carries the specific designation made by the donor, so changes in ministry leadership and the passage of time don’t matter
  • It is an irrevocable gift that can provide a tax deduction for them or their estate
If you think a Covenant Endowment Trust can help you reach your charitable goals, give us a call. 
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