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Fee Schedule

Investment Management Accounts
Individual Retirement Accounts
Specific other accounts managed on a fee basis


Fee Schedule
[effective January 1, 2012]
 First $1,000,000
 1 percent per year
 Next $2,000,000
  8 tenths of 1 percent per year
Next $7,000,000
6 tenths of 1 percent per year
$10,000,000 and over
By proposal
  • Fees are billed quarterly, based on the market value of the assets

  • There may be a per-transaction fee for special services such as electronic wiring of funds to a bank

  • Fee calculation will be based on the aggregate of all fee-based accounts within a family

  • Covenant Trust Company® reserves the right to change the stated fees at any time

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.

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